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Dog Lovers will love Costa Rica!

For those who have pets in cities or in the States where dogs aren't allowed at most restaurants or even off their leash unless at a dog park, it might come to a surprise that in Costa Rica your dog can be as free as you are! You can pretty much take your dog anywhere.

Costa Rica, the rich coast, has 800 miles of coastline where dogs can run around free and off the leash. It is important to note that the salt water can sometimes dry out their skin so fresh water baths are important afterward. Not only are dogs free to roam on the beach, but in most towns, many restaurants are dog friendly and even offer water bowls for the pups.

The only places we have come across that do not allow our four legged friends are the National Parks. However, you can probably find a pet friendly airbnb to stay at if you are traveling to other areas or find a friend who can take care of your furry companion while you're exploring the parks.

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