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For Sale by Owner versus hiring a professional

Option 1: You would like to do this yourself

In order for you to get your home ready to sell, make sure it is "show-ready" and have all your relevant paperwork ready to send to the buyers agent for due diligence.

🤔Keep in mind that you will have very limited exposure unless someone drives past your property to take down your phone number.

🤔You will have no way to pre-qualify your potential buyers prior to a showing

😀 You can save the 6% commission

Option 2: You want to hire a professional (highly recommended)

Find an agent you want to work with that is part of a reputable Real Estate Company. Here in Costa Rica a lot of people are Real Estate Agents without any qualifications or certifications. (there is no NAR - National Association of Realtors, nor is there an official Real Estate License requirement). Make sure your agent has the resources, training and the appropriate data available to actually get your property listed, exposed to potential buyers and sold.

Choosing one of the major international companies not only ensures that they have the knowledge and the tools to assist their agents, but there is also accountability to their broker and the franchise.

😀 This is your agents JOB (you wouldn't hire your landscaper to perform heart surgery)

😀 Your agent can pre-qualify all potential buyers prior to a showing

😀 Your agent will write the offer, connect the buyer with an attorney, help the buyer to open up the escrow account (so you get paid) and take care of all the property research with your attorney.

😀 You will be happy to pay the 6% commission if you see all they work they do to represent your property

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