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How do I pay my bills in Costa Rica?

Paying electric and water bills

There is 1 electric company in Costa Rica called ICE.

When you purchase your property, your real estate agent and/or your attorney should give you a NISE number. This is a 7 digit number that identifies your properties account number with ICE. You have a few options to pay your bill with your NISE number;

You can bring colones (local Costa Rican currency) and go to the ICE office or most grocery stores to pay your bill.

If you have a Costa Rican bank account, you can log in to online bill pay and pay it directly from your account.

The same rule applies for paying your water bills.

Water can come from a few different sources; public water or well water.

If you have public water (for example from

AyA) you will need a NIS number. This is also a 7-digit number and you can pay at the local AyA office, via your online bill pay with your Costa Rican bank account or at most grocery stores.

Don't expect to get a "bill in the mail" from any company here in Costa Rica! When you transfer the services into your name or corporation, you can register your email. Every month you (should) get a bill emailed to you.

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