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How we are surviving being quarantined

Being Quarantined in Jaco, Costa Rica is not too bad!

As we watch the news every day, we see all of you being quarantined in your homes or apartments eager to get out. Yes, we are under quarantine as well, yes we are all ordered to stay at home, restaurants, stores, schools and all non-essential businesses are closed as well.

But.... our summer is in full swing, we have amazing sunsets every day, fresh fruit grows in our own backyards (almost year-round) from bananas to papayas, lemons to soursop, starfruit to avocados, from cocoa to mangos and much more.

Currently, we are in our dry season with rain another month or two away. Temperatures are between 30 and 37 degrees Celsius every day. So yes, this is Paradise!

Do we get bored? or inspired to do something "creative"

Ha! funny you should ask. So yesterday I was watching a morning news channel and one of the hosts was giving himself a haircut on live TV. They had a very famous hairdresser on to guide him (unfortunately, his live feed cut out and was only able to provide guidance via the telephone). Immediately following that session, I decided it would be a great idea if my husband and son cut my hair...why not, right?!

So this is the picture I showed my husband of what I wanted.

This is what I imagined I would end up with (ok, HOPED) (My son was the camera man as I figured it would be fun to time-lapse this "experience")

and here you go...

needless to say, I need a professional to "Fix" this cut because I heard my husband say "oops" one too many times (and it shows in my hair LOL)

so....not everything you see or hear on the TV, Internet, TikTok,... is necessarily the BEST idea to do yourself, but we sure laughed a lot (and we all needed a good laugh)

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