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Made you smile!!

As boredom hits all of us during this time of quarantine, I was sitting on my couch, drinking my morning coffee and watching a morning news show. One of the hosts of the show decided to cut his hair "live" on TV while guidance from a famous hairstylist. The video disconnected for the stylist and all he could do was talk the host through the cut via the phone

(technology, right?!)

As the hosts 11-year old son is cutting his daddy's hair with trimmers, the segment ran out of time and everyone was laughing and left in suspense to see the outcome....the next day.

After seeing all the smiling faces (of the other hosts) and seeing all the comments on Social Media, I grabbed a chair, our clippers - which we have not used in years and had several missing parts (yes, crucial parts like the #3 and #4 attachments) and put my hair in a tiny ponytail on top of my head (the part I did not want to have cut with the clippers).

I convinced my husband and my son it would be a great idea to cut my hair!! Well, my husband (to his credit) tried to talk me out of it, but my son thought it was the best thing ever...

I figured we might as well time-lapse the "haircut" because you never know what new talents we discover. So with my son holding his phone, recording all this (and laughing all the way through) and my husband with the clippers in hand, we went for it!

Here is a picture of what I wanted

As my husband is "buzzing" away, I kept hearing "oops" (nope, not something you want to hear your husband say with clippers in his hand). BTW - you can see every "oops" in my hair to this day :-)

Here is how it went....

The shocked look at the end (on my part) was my reaction to my husband showing me the length of my new hair - measured with his finger!! least I made YOU smile!!! (and yes, I know, it will grow back)

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