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New Years Resolutions

I know we can all agree that 2020 took us by surprise and finally it's a new year! However, as much as it is a relief that 2020 is finally over, it is important to set new goals for this year to keep yourself accountable and to monitor progress and accomplishment. It isn't always something that you have to write down but it is important to understand your goals and what is important to YOU this year and what will make you grow.

Here is a little exercise-

Reflect on 2020 and what made it special and one year to remember? Think of something you were proud of this last year. Think of something you were grateful for this last year. Think of aspects in your life that you are satisfied with and then think of aspects that you want to improve. You can separate your life into categories: Family/friends, fun/hobbies, finances, romance, personal growth, health, career, and giving back.

Then envision things that you want to let go of this next year. Be mindful of those things.

Also envision aspects of your life where you most want to see growth and be mindful of those goals. Keep yourself accountable. Make yourself shine.

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