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As a real estate agent it is important to stay connected with your "your circle".

I have attended so many "zoom" meetings, conference calls and webinars during the last two weeks and one of my main takeaways is that you need to be "relevant" on Social Media.

In an effort to become and stay "relevant" I am thinking "outside of the box. But how?

For years, I have created "non-real estate" groups on Facebook to connect with people.

As an example, during the years I was cyber-schooling my kids in Costa Rica, I started a group called "Costa Rica expats with teens that homeschool or cyber school"

This group connects parents that are looking for information for schooling options as they contemplate moving to Costa Rica with teens and currently has 215 followers.

Another group I started is "Buy and Sell cars in Costa Rica" because I had a car to sell and figured, why not make my own group the group has 433 followers.

I have may friends, family members, clients, co-workers that have small kids at home who are now thrown into the concept of "homeschooling" or "cyber-schooling" during this crisis.

so... I started a facebook page called "How to keep your kids busy at home" and whatever links or pics I can find for arts and crafts/ cooking with kids/ workout with kids/... I post on the group. If I can help a mom or dad come up with some ideas on how to keep their kids busy and they only have to scroll through one Facebook group... WIN/WIN - 30 members

When I adopted 2 kittens in November of 2019, I started a group called "Cats of Costa Rica" which has all kinds of pics of the members' cats - 33 members

My goal as a real estate agent is to be informative, creative and a "one-stop-shop" by differentiating myself from my competition

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