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Top 9 things you should look for on a listing agreement (seller)

Updated: May 26, 2020

1. Make sure the Listing Agreement has the correct FINCA number (also referred to as Matricula or Folio Real). This number should consist of 4 parts: A property number consists of three or four parts:

* The number of the province (Costa Rica has 7 Provinces).

* The property number (matricula or número de Finca).

* In case the property is in a condominium, the number is followed by an “F”.

This stands for Finca Filial.

* At the end of the property number you will find either 000 or when there are

several owners and it will show as 001,002, etc.

2. Make sure the Listing Agreement has the correct PLANO number. The Plano Catastro is also known as the survey plan, is the recorded / titled property. The Plano is a detailed survey of the property boundaries, Folio Real number, size, ownership, and the date it was registered.

3. The correct location of the property

4. Your full name (as on your passport or Cedula)

5. Your passport number or cedula number. (our agent should ask you for a copy)

6. Your corporation name and ID number that holds the shares of your property (unless you own the property in your own name)

7. The commission rate ( you are hiring a professional for their services - standard rate is 6%)

8. Length of the contract (typically 1 year)

9. Signature and date from yourself and the agent.

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