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What should I do BEFORE a showing of my property?

Updated: May 26, 2020

So you just got the call!! Your agent is scheduling a showing for your property with a potential buyer.

Time to get busy...

Buyers are curious creatures and will look everywhere (yes, even in your medicine cabinet and sock drawer)


Roll up your garden hose

Clean up kids toys

Organize your garage/storage areas

Sweep your patios

If you have a pool, make sure it is clean and free of leaves and debris

Walk around your home and clean up as needed

Inside the home

Make sure the dishes are done and cleaned up

Clear your countertops ( as much as possible)

Make the beds

Tidy up your closets

Close your toilet seats

Place some fresh flowers on your table

Turn on every light in the house

Open up every curtain

Turn on every ceiling fan

On a hot day, make sure you cool off the house and have the AC's running

Tidy up the property (dishes done, trash emptied, beds umade, counters clear and clean)

Tidy up the property (dishes done, trash emptied, beds made, counters clear and clean)

Go out for a walk or a drive during the showing

Let the agent sell your property

What to expect during the showing?

Buyers will test the water pressure, open cabinets, walk around the property

After the showing

The agent will finish all showings scheduled for the day and send you a follow-up to let you know how the showing went and share the probability of an offer.

Keep in mind that currently, the average property is on the market for 6-18 months and require a lot of showings as most clients are purchasing a second home and typically not in the rush to purchase.

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