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What should I do DURING a showing?

Your Agent and potential Buyer are 1 hour from arriving to your what?

As much as your agent is trying to stick to a "schedule" for their showings, keep in mind that a previous showing can take longer than expected or can be over much faster if the potential Buyer is not interested so...your agent may be a little early (or a little late) for your scheduled appointment. (a good agent will message/call you and let you know of a time adjustment, if needed).

Here are a few last minute things you can do;

* Burn some candles for a pleasant smell (or bake some cookies - buyers can't resist fresh

baked cookies)

* Soothing music playing in the background is a bonus (very low)

* Take one last look around and tidy up as needed.

* Go out for some coffee! Do NOT stay at the property while your agent does his/her job

representing you and your property to the potential Buyer. Buyers can get very

intimidated when the owner is a the property because they do not want to say anything

to possibly hurt your feelings. This also means that the agent cannot get an accurate reading from the potential buyer. The potential buyer won't be able to "see" themselves

owning the property because you are there. Trust your agent.

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