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Seller, these are the things your agent will need from you to sell your property

Updated: May 26, 2020

In order to prepare a closing statement (financial tracking sheet for all the funds exchanging), your agent will need to prorate all the utility bills,... so they will need

  1. Last 3 months of your electric bills (typically from ICE - national electric company), account number (NISE number), payment due date and cycle date.

  2. Last 3 months of your water bills (example from AYA - water company), account number (NIS number - if AYA), payment due date and cycle date.

  3. Copy of your last property tax payment (from the Municipalidad - City Hall)

  4. Last 3 months of telephone payments (if you have a hard line)

  5. Receipt of the last HOA payment (If applicable) and an official letter from the HOA manager stating that the property is current will all payments.

  6. Rules and Regulations for the HOA (If applicable).

  7. Good financial records for any rental income

  8. Contact info for the property manager to coordinate showings or access to the booking calendar (if rented).

  9. Executed Listing Agreement

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